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For information about the Marketplace before submitting please visit our Marketplace page in our Industry section.

The Marketplace at the Galway Film Fair will take place on the 8th & 9th of July in Galway. We’re excited to be able to have in-person meetings again this year for the first time since the pandemic started.

Early Bird Deadline Friday May 13th 2022 at 5p.m. GMT

Final Deadline Friday June 3rd 2022 at 5p.m. GMT

Marketplace application fees:

Single delegate €195 early bird/€250 regular deadline per single delegate

Double delegate €390 early bird/€500 regular deadline per double delegate 

*There is no extra cost for submitting a 2nd project

Please read through our full Terms & Conditions here before submitting through Eventival

  • Delegate information:

A single delegate – one person from a company.

A double delegate – two people from the same company taking meetings together (maximum of two delegates per company)


  • How does the submission process work? 

Step 1) Create a profile on Eventival. If there are two delegates, you both need to create an Eventival profile and ensure you use the relevent Eventival email(s) in your submission.

*Note a second delegate won’t be linked to the project on Eventival but will get email updates and more later if selected.

Step 2) Create your first project, (single delegate or double delegate). Saving your project does not mean it’s submitted, but once submitted you cannot edit the project.  

Step 3) Pay your fee via stripe when prompted. If you accidently exit the page after submitting, you can go back into the form again and pay that way. (There is no extra cost for a second project)

Step 4) If you are submitting a second project, a “2nd Project” application form will become available on both the side bar and the visitor home page. Fill out and submit this form. Please include the same delegate names and company name as the first project. 

Step 5) We will be in touch with you by email to let you know if your application has been succesful. If not, you will receive a full refund of your application fee via stripe. 

  • How do I edit my application form?  

If you’ve only saved your project, you are able to edit your application at any time by clicking the “Edit Application” button, but only until it is submitted.

Once you’ve submitted your project however, you will be unable to make any further changes. 

If you urgently need to make changes because of a mistake, please contact 

  • How can I add a second delegate to my project?  

The best way to have two delegates attached to your project is by filling out and submitting the “Double Delegates” submission form. If you’ve already submitted a “Single Delegate” form and wish to add another delegate, please contact and we will assist you in this process and you’ll then have to pay the difference in submission costs.  

  • How do I submit a second project to the Marketplace?  

You will be able to submit a second project by filling out and submitting the “2nd Marketplace Project” form at the side side bar or the homepage of the visitor page. Please note that this form will only become accessible once you’ve submitted your first Marketplace project. Please ensure you use the same delegate and company names as the first project.

  • What happens if my project is not selected for the Marketplace?  

If your application isn’t successful, we will let you know via email. We will fully refund you the application fee through Stripe. Please be advised that the refund may take 5-10 working days to appear in your account. 

If you are enquiring about refunds, please quote the stripe transaction number from your receipt you will receive from stripe.

  • I haven’t receiveved any email confirmations?

Please contact technical support

  • Certain fields aren’t letting me fill them in?

If this happens, simply refresh the page. Unfortunately you will lose the entered data, but refreshing the page should fix this issue and you can then proceed.

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