Virtual Production – A Storytelling Tool presented by High Res 


    Thursday July 13 | 16:45 – 17:45 | Ballroom 2, Galmont Hotel

    High Res are delighted to host a practical ICVFX Virtual Production demonstration. Led by virtual production specialist Peter Canning, the session will examine virtual production’s uses in capturing in-camera VFX for screen. Demonstrating some virtual production techniques and workflows on a small LED screen, the session will discuss the use of virtual production as a creative tool. Kit for this session is kindly supported by Faber Audiovisual and 24-7 Drama.  

    If you RSVP for the Fleadh Forum please don’t RSVP for the Virtual Production Panel. 

    High Res: 
    High Res is a creative production company, specialising in industry-leading Virtual Production services for the global film & television sector. These services are delivered by an experienced team of technical specialists, creative producers, media server programmers and CAD technicians. Virtual production credits include; The Pope’s Exorcist (Screen Gems), Retribution (Studiocanal), Flora & Son (Treasure Entertainment), Anansi Boys (Amazon Prime Video), Modern Love (Amazon Prime Video), Comandante (Indigo Films), Foundation (Apple TV+) and Nightflyers (Netflix). Services include pre-production consultancy, LED system design, pre-visualisation and onset design implementation of virtual production workflows. This collaborative early engagement approach ensures the optimum and seamless use of virtual production within a project.  

    Virtual Production: 
    The virtual production toolset bridges the gap between the virtual and the physical. Emerging and developing technologies and software applications allow for real and/or created environments to be run through an LED system onset in a studio, to provide an in-camera background for a scene, a point of reference for the cast, as well as a source of dynamic and interactive light for the Director and their creative team. It offers realistic lighting and reflections in-camera and the control of lighting elements and reflective elements technologically, as well as live playback, live compositing features and the adjustment of scale, exposure and colour live on a set 

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