Fleadh Forum

at Galway Film Fair

2023 Fleadh Forum Events

The Fleadh Forum is an annual platform to explore, discuss and share ideas about what is happening in the audiovisual industry, delivering a unique opportunity for filmmakers and industry professionals to come together and exchange news and views.

Previous editions have included:
TV Drama and International Co-production Case Study: Hidden Assets
National Talent Academy Network: Introducing the Academies
Distribution Case Study: An Cailín Ciúin
Audiences: How do we know where they are? with Niels Alberg – Publikum
The Cinema Experience: What Does the Future Hold?
Co-production in the time of Corona
The Substance of Things Not Seen and keynote address with James Schamus
Building a Finance Plan to Beat the Market
How to Launch a Film in the International Market
New International Trends Emerging in Filmmaking
Future trends in Distribution
The Importance of Building Strong Creative Partnerships
Post-Production Technology
Market Trends in Europe
Partners of the Arctic Circle
The Global Cartoon Business
Independent Film: Sunset or New Dawn?

Details on the 2024 Fleadh Forum available soon

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