To The Moon 

Wednesday – 15th November | 12:30pm | Screen Two Pálás

2020 | Ireland | 74’ | Documentary | G  

Woven from archive, original cinematography, literary fragments and a wondrous score, To the Moon steps lightly through our moonlit imagination. 

A cinematic ode to the moon, woven from archive, poetry and song – a constantly surprising night-walk through the moonlit imagination. Structured as a lunar cycle, this cinematic ode moves through tales of love, songs of longing, myths of madness, dreams of innocence and the nightmare of colonialism, building to a timely reminder of our fragility beneath the moon’s mysterious eye. 

Languages: English, Czech, German, French, Russian, Persian, Swedish, Irish 

Post-show discussion will follow with Tadhg O’Sullivan

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Director/Writer: Tadhg O’Sullivan 
Producer: Clare Stronge 

Principal funder