Wednesday – 15th November | 2:15pm | Screen Two Pálás

2023 | Germany | 120’ | Narrative | 16+ 

Berlin-Gropiusstadt in the record summer of 2003. The parks smell like dog shit, there are broken pieces everywhere, and there are dealers in the corners. Anyone who lives here is a gangster or a victim. Lukas, Gino and Julius are such victims. No money for the swimming pool, no happiness in love and just stress at home. When they want to buy weed in the park, they get caught between rival dealers. They beat up Lukas and want 500 euros in protection money. How is Lukas supposed to raise the money? His new classmate Sanchez has an idea: just break into the school, drag the new computers out of storage and sell them. Then you’ll be free of all your money worries. The plan succeeds. Nearly. 

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Irish Premiere

Some scenes may be distressing including gang violence and drug use.  

Director: David Wnendt
Writer(s): David Wnendt Felix Lobrecht
Cast: Levy Rico Arcos, Riad Chemali, Rafael Luis Klein-Heßling 

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