Sat 15 July | 16:30 | Pálás Screen 3

2023 | Ireland | 97’

The filmmaker takes the semi-autobiographic words of Marina Carr’s poem “iGirl” as if they were her own, encouraging the actors and the audience to do the same.

Using a personal visual language, the filmmaker mirrors the slippery nature of Carr’s work, fire, earth, air, water, crash and bump, contradictory truths told by a dynamic troupe of actors, banging on the fourth wall.

Visuals untangle, re-tangle in multi-layered collages to augment performances of Eileen Walsh, Cathy Belton, Brian Gleeson, Brian Quinn and new-comers Ella Lilly Hyland and Holly Sturton.

The present-day narrator is curious, funny, but unforgiving, evoking voices, past and future; Joan of Arc, the warrior, Antigone, the truth teller, the incestuous Jocasta, and her son Oedipus, mirrors Homo Sapien tragic fate of their own making.

Reverberations in contemporary messy domesticity, the extinction of the Neanderthals, the potential extinction of the planet and ourselves, driven by the very desire to avoid it, fuelled by sci-fi fantasies of somewhere better in the beyond, and transhumans of the future.

World Premiere | Post Show discussion will follow

Director: Trish McAdam
Producers: Trish McAdam, Cliona Maher
Cast: Eileen Walsh, Holly Sturton, Ella Lily Hyland, Brian Gleeson, Cathy Belton, Brian Quinn

Principal funder