Fri 14 July | 11:00 | Pálás Screen 2

2022 | Finland | 76’ | Narrative

Alice lives with her younger sisters in a rural Finnish village, in the house their mother build before she passed away. Alice has taken her mother`s place as the head of the family. She wants to protect her younger sisters and shelter them from the world. When a solar storm hits the village, it leaves everyone without electricity and puts the community in crisis.

Irish Premiere

Director: Anastasia Lobkovski
Writer: Jarkko Olavi Virtanen
Producers: Anastasia Lobkovski, Jukka Nurmela
Cast: Alina Tomnikov, Freja Teijonsalo, Luli Norris, Onni Vesikallio, Ilkka Pekkarinen, Mitro Partti, Henna Hakkarainen

Principal funder