Sat 15 July | 23:00 | Pálás Screen 1

2022 | USA, Germany, France | 76’ | Narrative

Haas is an 18-year-old girl who was raised by her father in the rural Midwest. When her father suddenly dies, she must carry out his wish to be buried in the town where he was born. There, she meets a young man named Will, a lonely, creative soul who is working to support his family back home. The two of them form a friendship that challenges both of their understandings of love and loss.

An exquisite debut feature from Marian Mathias where she skilfully frames the vastness of the American landscape while blending compassionate realism and cinematic poetry, Runner is a heartfelt story that captures a rare and meaningful bond between two young people as they step into adulthood.

Irish Premiere

Director/Writer: Marian Mathias
Producers: Joy Jorgensen, Nadia Turincev, Omar el Kadi, Marian Mathias
Cast: Hannah Schiller, Darren Houle, Jonathan Eisley, Gene Jones

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