“Resilience” and other dirty words: empowering emerging creatives


    Saturday July 15 | 14:00 – 15:30 | Veranda Bar, Galmont Hotel

    Join Creative Futures Academy for a panel that explores industry expectations on emerging filmmakers. Expect eye-opening insights and honest confessions about how skillsets align—and sometimes clash! —with “the way things are done.” Our panel of practitioners and educators at various career stages will critically engage with questions such as: 

    • How are expectations for skillsets changing? 
    • Is the industry reaching out in the right places? 
    • What are the relative benefits of top-down education vs peer mentoring? 
    • How are new communities of film-making effecting change? 


    Panellists: Aisha Bolaji, Katie Holly, Mark O’Halloran, Rachel Wren 

    Chair: Dr Nicolas Pillai 

    This is a free event. Registration is required 

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