Thurs 13 July | 18:15 | Pálás Screen 3

2023 | UK, Denmark, USA, Afghanistan | 92’ | Documentary

From Oscar- and BAFTA-winning Director Carol Dysinger, this story of intimate female friendship, forged amidst America’s longest war, is told by a filmmaker who spent 15 years in and out of Afghanistan. 

The battlefield lies behind the curtains of an Afghan home. Bibi Hajji struggles to survive the loss of her youngest child, and the impact of a brother’s death on her remaining sons. A haunting image of that boy surviving a bullet wound prompted director Carol Dysinger to investigate what happened to him, who fired the shot? One Bullet evolves from procedural to an excavation of the human experience, of loss and redemption. It asks: how might we make peace across vast social, cultural and religious divisions? 

One cup of tea at a time.

European Premiere | Post Show discussion will follow

Director: Carol Dysinger
Writers: Carol Dysinger, Steen Johannessen
Producers: Carol Dysinger, Su Kim, Ashim Bhalla, Jesper Jack

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