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Fri 14 July | 15:30 | Pálás Screen 2

2022 | Portugal | 67’ | Documentary

Portuguese directors Acacio de Almeida and Marie Carré, in their directorial debut, present a poetic love letter to Portuguese cinema and the art of cinematography. The evocation of light in the cinema leads the character of the Man of Light to ponder over it, over its essence and its multiple manifestations in a revisitation of geographical places and memories. Love-Lights is a documentary by someone who dedicated his life to the invention, for each film in which he participated, of an expressive and original light, adequate to the purposes of its author.

Irish Premiere

Directors: Acacio de Almeida, Marie Carré
Writers: Marie Carré, Regina Guimarães, Acácio de Almeida
Producer: Rodrigo Areias

Principal funder