Sun 16 July | 12:00 | 109’ | Town Hall Theatre

This second group of Irish short documentaries covers a wide range of topics, each delving into some distinct disappointing aspect of our history and culture. Fortunately, these shorts shine a light on the possibility of modern solutions.
*Please note, this programme touches on the topic of suicide and adult topics.
Equality, diversity and inclusion are essential for powerful storytelling, and to the advancement of a sustainable film sector and film culture that works for everyone. The NFS at IADT, in partnership with the U.S Embassy Dublin and Screen Ireland, invited a diverse group of young creative people to learn about filmmaking and to speak their truth with complete editorial freedom. We are proud to premiere these four films at the Galway Film Fleadh.

Sticks & Stones

Sticks & Stones – an inside view to an outsider’s world.

Directors: Tammy Mc Donagh, Amy Murphy, Shóna O’Sullivan, Martin Mahon
Producers: Tom Mc Donagh, Shane Fitzgerald


Falling is a poetic film about a brave young Afghan woman who left her home in search of a better life.

Directors: Neda Naeel, Shakeeba Hamdam
Producer: Shakeeba Hamdam

Cultural Medium

A lyrical snapshot into the Black and Irish experience through the lens of artist Yomi Attention as he establishes a cultural medium.

Director: Britney Madondo
Producer: Chloe Danga


What is Freedom?

Freedom is more than just a word.

Director: Mohadesa Shojaee
Producers: Zahra Adeli, Aziza Rezaie, Parwana Eghbali

This project was mentored & co-designed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Kim Bartley & Frontline Films, co-ordinated by Mary McDonagh & Mary Mc Productions and created & co-designed by Vanessa Gildea, filmmaker & Head of the National Film School.

Supported by the teaching and faculty staff and students of the NFS. Funded by the US Embassy of Ireland, Screen Ireland and the NFS.

Wild Reconnection

For our ancestors, nature was school, kitchen and sanctuary. The loss of this ancient knowledge has distanced us from nature and our culture. We follow a herbalist, doctor, chef, and a foraging teacher, celebrating the bounty of the hedgerows, seashores and woodlands of Galway.

Directors/Writers/Producers: Anna Konieczna, Deqa Ibrahim


An intimate film made in collaboration with the filmmaker’s family, illuminating relationships of care at its centre. Dissecting layers of agency and power, Cabbage is a subtle examination of how a human life is measured and valued.

Director/Writer/Producer: Holly Márie Parnell

My Cure and Me

Capturing a vanishing Ireland, My Cure and Me is a heart-warming, nostalgic documentary exploring the experiences of two elderly, rural, Irish faith healers, examining a practice steeped in faith and rich in history and folklore.

Director/Writer/Producer: Alan Bradley


An operation ten years ago left Allister with damaged vocal cords and an obstacle to communication. His unusual solution reminds us that community thrives in surprising places.

Director/Writer/Producer: Ross McClean


Conservation has become a war. On one side are the rangers protecting vulnerable wildlife. On the other, ruthless poaching gangs. The film follows AK, a Belgian Malinois pup, through his training to become an anti-poaching tracking dog working with rangers in Africa.

Director/Writer/Producer: Paul Webster

Being Put Back Together

When David McDonagh discovered the art of photography, it opened a whole new world for him. Now he wants to help his brother, Kaylen, explore the medium of photography in the hopes that Kaylen will benefit, as he did.

Director/Writer: David McDonagh
Producer: Keith Bogue


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