Sun 16 July | 10:00 | 79’ | Town Hall Theatre

This collection of short films honours the creative backbone of Irish filmmaking: the animation sector. We feature the most recent work from established filmmakers as well as the best in new Irish animation from the country’s recent graduates.
*Please note, this program is not suitable for younger audiences.

The Small Makings of a Storm

From rising mists to billowing clouds, water weaves its way through every environment, leaving an impression on even the smallest of creatures. Expanding to loftier heights, these drops of water begin to transform into something far more commanding – a force of nature.

Director/Writer: Avery Angle
Producers: Institute of Art, Design, and Technology Dún Laoghaire

The Presenter

Niamh, a shy production assistant, tries her best to fulfil the demands of her job. When a news anchor beckons her over, Niamh suddenly finds herself presenting the evening news. Soon, we find out that things aren’t quite what they seem.

Director/Writer: Josephine Lohoar Self
Producers: Carla Mooney, Delwyn Mooney, Josephine Lohoar Self

You left your phone on your desk… and I don’t know how to talk to you

Katrina (she/her) tries to overcome her social anxiety when she sees her co-worker Cynthia (they/them) has left their phone behind.

Directors: Patricia Miller, Joy Maderal
Writer: Patricia Miller
Producers: Patricia Miller, Joy Maderal

His Dancing Shoes

Elderly widower Patrick, frightened by a new world he cannot understand, hides himself away in his sitting room and fantasises about the days he spent with his wife in dance halls during
their youth.

Director/Writer/Producer: Domhnall Cotter

The “Blue” Treasure

This film conveys a special message about fresh water conservation. A young desert boy takes a journey to find treasure, but not gold. The real treasure has been stolen by affluent people, who put gold in his path to deviate him.

Director: Ashish Jain
Writers: Ashish Jain, Priti Kanwar
Producer: Ashish Anand Jain

Breaking the Cycle

A short animated film highlighting the emotional and personal sides that come with having polycystic ovary syndrome. It is a journey of self-doubt to one of acceptance.

Director/Writer/Producer: Áine Phelan


This twisted take on the classic story follows Pinokidoki being tricked into thinking a nasty little termite is his conscience, which naturally leads to all sorts of pandemonium. EEK!!

Director/Writer/Producer: Jack C.


Outstretched on the top of a mountain, surrounded by ancient woodland, lies an abandoned temple. A lone traveller dares to make the ultimate sacrifice to a once-powerful god.

Director: Daniel Wilson
Writers: Daniel Wilson, Grace Loughrey, Fiona McLaughlin, Tom Getty
Producers: Grace Loughrey, Tom Getty, Fiona McLaughlin


For almost half a century, Don Ritchie would approach people contemplating suicide at the edge of a cliff, just 100 feet from his home, his palms facing up.

Directors: Alec Green, Finbar Watson
Writers: Alec Green, Finbar Watson
Producers: Alan Holly, Carla Vulpiani, Alec Green, Finbar Watson, Max Ohman, Lenard Cassimatis, Alex Mayo

Stan by Me

A geriatric spin on a coming-of-age story. Despite the overzealous encouragement of Stan, his jolly neighbour, Mervin’s aches and pains overshadow every possible joy in life. But Mervin soon discovers that not everyone wears their struggle publicly.

Director/Writer: Rachel Dixon
Producers: Aisling McElroy, Aimee Lingman-Beimers

Live Wire

A being made of sentient electrical wire must protect itself from the wrath of a monster pursuing it.

Director/Writer/Producer: David Foley

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