Sat 15 July | 10:00 | 94’ | Town Hall Theatre

This selection of world premiere shorts deals with love and loss, highlighting the inner strength and resistance of our protagonists. This program includes work from debut directors as well as more established filmmakers.

*Please note, this programme touches on the topic of suicide, violence and substance abuse.


Rural Ireland. Twelve year old Radha lives a solitary life with her Grandmother. After witnessing the tragic death of a local girl, they find themselves complicit in hiding the truth from the community that surrounds them.

Director: Sonya O’Donoghue
Writer: Sonya O’Donoghue
Producer: Maggie Ryan


Julie, a young woman tormented by her reaction to a life-changing event, must reflect on her return home to the family farm in order to conquer her own feelings of guilt.

Director: Aisling O’Regan Sargent
Writer: Laura Whelan
Producer: Laura Whelan


An unexpected discovery rears its ugly head and threatens to unravel Sally’s secret sex addiction. Sally is now forced to take drastic measures to protect her double life.

Director: Pollyanna McIntosh
Writer: Siobhán Callaghan
Producers: Ronan Cassidy, Gregory Burrowes

Duffle Bag Boy

Set in Dublin, Duffle Bag Boy follows Kevin, a young weed dealer, as he makes his nightly rounds. It’s a typical night for him, until one delivery turns out to be for someone he recognises from his past.

Director/Writer: Chris Higgins
Producers: Robert Higgins, Patrick McGivney, Laura McCormack, Andrei Bogdan


Darren needs help. His fears and anxieties are manifesting themselves in the most unusual of ways – through the medium of opera. He visits his therapist to find a quick solution, but sometimes restoring harmony is about facing the music.

Director: Dave Fox
Writer: Fionn Foley
Producers: Rob Earley, Mark Griffin

The Golden West

November, 1849. Having fled the Great Famine, two warring Irish sisters seek their fortunes in the gold rush. But, with winter fast approaching and nothing to show for their efforts, their age-old feud soon threatens to become deadly.

Directors/Writers: Tom Berkeley, Ross White
Producers: Tom Berkeley, Ross White, Jamie Tarr

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