Fri 14 July | 12:00 | 97’ | Town Hall Theatre

This programme of world premiere live-action drama shorts will have you questioning reality, and asking if anyone is ever a trustworthy narrator of their own story.


Hungry for a better life, a mother and her daughter embark on a perilous journey across a famine landscape in the hope of making it to the boat alive. An interdisciplinary film about the natural cycle of death and rebirth, submerging us into our past, and connecting us with our future.

Director/Writer: Maria-Elena Doyle
Producer: Tina O Reilly


In an apartment in Dublin City, two women meet in front of a microphone to discuss a shared past.

Director/Writer: Allyn Quigley
Producer: Aisling Malone


A young man finds out he might be a father after a one-night stand.

Director/Writer/Producer: Tony Doyle

Baby Steps

Em is 7-months pregnant and feels no connection to the baby inside her. She tries to follow the instructions of an outdated tape called How to Connect with your Unborn Child – chaos ensues.

Director/Writer: Hannah Mamalis
Producer: Zoë Brennan-Whitmore

Jill And Lill Do Knick Knacks

After an innocent game of knick-knacks spirals into unfathomable carnage, two teenage girls learn a hard lesson about the importance of taking responsibility for their actions. A raucous coming-of-age comedy, starring Claire Gleeson and Karen Kelly.

Director/Writer: Keith Jordan
Producer: George Cummins


Scrumpy grapples with the impending arrival of his birthday, an annual milestone that casts a shadow over his spirits. He navigates a whimsical yet tumultuous journey to reconcile his disdain for this day of celebration.

Director/Writer/Producer: Dan Holmwood


Bidemi is an elderly man from the ancient city of Ibadan. He is frequently haunted by the benevolent ghosts of his deceased family members. They transport our protagonist back in time to the village of his ancestors, where he must face them.

Director/Writer/Producer: Pius Ojo


In the aftermath of an emotionally abusive relationship, a man seeks couples counselling with a sock puppet likeness of his ex-boyfriend, Malcolm.

Director/Writer: Caleb J. Roberts
Producer: Callum Harrison

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