Fri 14 July | 10:00 | 91’ | Town Hall Theatre

This selection of world premiere shorts explores that Sliding Doors moment in time where everything changes for better or worse, and how these small choices can force us on a new path.
*Please note, this programme touches on the topic of suicide and domestic abuse.


A young boy on the edge retaliates against his cruel school bully. This film presents a complex character study of the bully, consumed by grief and a tumultuous relationship with his mother.

Director/Writer/Producer: Cody Farren


A Belfast woman becomes increasingly isolated after her all-consuming eco-anxiety leads to altercations with both the local community and her unsympathetic family.

Director: Sam Nutt
Writer: Dan Pringle
Producer: Joan Burney Keatings MBE

Sound & Colour

Hannah returns home to face her dysfunctional and emotionally-repressed family after her attempted suicide. Her journey towards healing intertwines with the humorous clashes and unique bonds within the family.

Director/Writer: Emma Foley
Producer: Tamryn Reinecke


After prison, Gary is living at his mother’s and struggling to stay on the straight and narrow. Tasked with driving his brother to college every day, he soon realises that he has overlooked the support that was there all along.

Directors: Aisling Byrne, Sinéad O’Loughlin
Writer: Aisling Byrne
Producer: Kilian Waters

In The Cards

The night after Ash’s going away party, she agrees to drop her best friend, Naoise, to a fortune teller. With faith and fortune pushing them closer, can Ash and Naoise get the answers they are both destined to find? In The Cards is funded by ADI and the Arts Council of Ireland.

Director/Writer: Leah Moore
Producer:  Imagine All Productions

The Life of Lester Wink

Lester Wink, a door-to-door pet insurance salesman with a phobia of talking with strangers, must make a sale by 5pm, or get fired. He meets Sammy, a widow who is afraid to leave her house, and a friendship is born.

Director/Writer: Cassidy C. Harrison
Producers: Gregory Burrowes, Ronan Cassidy

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