Wednesday July 12 | 16:00 | Pálás Screen 2

2022 | Canada | 100 mins | Narrative

Following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, I Like Movies, Chandler Levack’s directorial debut is a nostalgia-infused coming-of-age story about hyper-ambitious teenage cinephile Lawrence Kweller (Isaiah Lehtinen) who dreams of attending his dream film school. In order to raise the hefty tuition fee, he gets his dream job at the local video store, Sequels. Wracked with anxiety about his future, Lawrence begins alienating the most important people in his life – his best friend Matt Macarchuck (Percy Hynes White), his single mother Terri (Krista Bridges) – all while developing a complicated friendship with his older female manager, Alana (Romina D’Ugo). As graduation looms ever closer, Lawrence faces some painful realisations about himself.

Irish Premiere

Director(S): Chandler Levack
Writer(s): Chandler Levack
Producer(S): Lindsay Blair Goeldner, Evan Dubinsky, Chandler Levack
Cast: Isaiah Lehtinen, Romina D’ugo

Principal funder