First Snow of Summer (CANCELLED)

Junior German

Monday – 13th November | 11am | Screen Two Pálás

2023 | Germany | 90’ | Narrative | 12+ 

On his tenth birthday Alexander promises his grandmother never to fall in love in order to not share his father’s fate. Every Sunday, Alexander visits his father, who has retreated to live in the Vienna subway system. As a young adult Alexander also moves underground during daytime and takes a job in a small lost-and-found office, where he meets the beautiful and vivacious Caro in her small subway hatter store. Though Alexander had managed to successfully resist love before, his self-imposed oath comes to a sudden end that will start a bittersweet journey during which he changes summer into winter and ultimately understands that love is not about winning but taking the risk. 

Please Note: This screening is reserved for schools and youth organisations. 

Irish Premiere

Director/Writer: Chris Raiber
Cast: Thomas Prenn Verena Altenberger 

Principal funder