Croíthe Radacacha 

Thursday – 16th November | 2pm | Screen Three Pálás

2023 | Ireland | 70’ | Documentary | G 

Director Ciara Hyland explores the hidden stories of eight female couples who were at the heart of the Irish Revolution that freed Ireland from the British Empire. These women’s likely lesbianism has largely remained unexamined, denied and hidden from history – until now. They were radical in their politics, in their feminism, their socialism and their devotion to freedom and equality. A documentary about ‘the love that dares not speak its name’ – found at the very heart of the Irish Revolution. 

In Irish with English subtitles. 

Please Note: This screening is reserved for schools and youth organisations.

Director: Ciara Hyland 
Producer: Ciara Hyland, Ann Dalton 

Principal funder