Fri 14 July | 17:00| Pálás Screen 2

2022 | Germany | 87’ | Documentary

A film about how sacred architecture embodies the human urge to give meaning & understand – existence itself or simply anything. Long takes, combined with music, draws you into a surreal trance. 

Architecture & portrait photographers, Jens Weber & Orla Connolly, joined forces with composer Wolfram Oettl, to create a non-narrative documentary, contemplating architecture. A meticulous visual study of seven chapels in the Swabian Danube Valley, built by seven architects: John Pawson, Hans Engel, Wilhelm Huber, Frank Lattke, Alen Jasarevic, Staab Architecs & Christoph Mäckler. 

The intrinsic qualities of architecture and how structures elicit reactions from people are observed through precise frame composition – witnessing intermittent, random interactions, between people and the structures. Observing the complexities of the human thought process – where people swiftly switch between practical thoughts of trying to understand the structure, to transient existential moments – enhanced, even appear surreal, through the accompaniment of the minimalistic meditative music played on a fortepiano tuned in “just intonation”. These integer-number frequencies have been implemented since Pythagoras in philosophy, theology and music theory, as a portrayal of the cosmic harmony.

The film’s distinct aesthetic, with long takes, combined with music, draws the viewer in, evoking a near trance like state.

Irish Premiere | Post Show discussion will follow

Directors: Orla Connolly, Jens Weber
Writer: Orla Connolly
Producers: Orla Connolly, Jens Weber

Principal funder