EFA’s Young Audience Award

the European Film Academy


The Junior Galway Film Fleadh is excited to be partnering with the European Film Academy (EFA) to take part in the EFA’s Young Audience Award once again on Sunday 13th November 2022. If you are a young adult aged between 12-14 years old with a keen interest in film attending school in Galway City or County and would like to be part of our jury then we want to hear from you.

So what is it exactly?

The EFA Young Audience Award is a simultaneous, Europe-wide, film viewing event for young people aged between 12 – 14 years. It’s like the Eurovision, but for films! Participation is free.

  • Each participating city involves an audience of young people who will vote for their favourite film
  • On Sunday 13th November , the 3 nominated films will be screened at the Palas Cinema, Galway (9am to 6pm). Each film will be introduced, and a short discussion will take place after each screening. A final discussion will take place before votes are cast. That evening the Awards Ceremony will be live streamed from Berlin. There will be plenty of breaks throughout the day offering the chance to chat with fellow jury members and lunch will served.

A  short preparation workshop will be held approx. 2 weeks before the screenings to  provide background information on each film and a framework for viewing

Why should I take part in the jury?

Being on the jury for the Young Audience Award:

  • Offers a unique opportunity to discover great European films
  • Presents films which reflect the realities of young people all over Europe
  • Raises interest in European stories, people, cultures and societies
  • Builds bridges to exchange different points of view
  • Increases awareness of important social issues
  • Stimulates commitment, a sense of community, understanding and tolerance

 “The Young Audience Award was a fun and enjoyable experience which taught me a lot. I have learned about critiquing movies and it has broadened my interest in film and drama”
– 2019/20 Jury Member Maya

How can I be part of the jury?

  • For young people aged from 12 to 14
  • You must beattending school/home schooled in the Galway City or County
  • You must have an active interest in cinema
  • Be available to attend a preparation workshop (90 mins)– date and time tbc

Applications will open in September 2022.