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Welcome to the Galway Film Fleadh

The Junior Galway Film Fleadh has come of age. For more than two decades we have endeavored to provide young people with not only an understanding of cinema but a sense of how it can communicate and challenge complex and important concepts. Above all else, however, we wanted to capture something of the magic and wonder that cinema can inspire in all of us, children and adults alike, through a programme that entertains, engages, educates and enchants.

21 years on and we’re a little bit older, wiser and more mature but, like most 21 year olds, that doesn’t mean we’ve grown up. If anything we have more of a youthful energy. This is in large part due to our Youth Council whose zest, passion and love of cinema keep us focused on what’s important: The Future.

Our audience and the filmmakers in our shorts programme represent the future of filmmaking and, when they in turn come of age, we will be proud to have been there at the start. So join us as we present a showcase of the best work for, from and about young people, alongside workshops, screenings and events that celebrate the Future of Film.

The Junior Galway Film Fleadh Team

The Arts Council
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