Focus on The Composer presented by Screen Composers Guild of Ireland

Fri 12 July | 10:30-12:30 | Veranda Lounge, Galmont Hotel

SCGI presents the Fleadh 24 edition of Focus on The Composer.
Meet a panel of Irish based composers who have created music scores for films in the Galway Film Fleadh 2024 programme. The panel will close with tea and coffee networking with the composers.

Composers for screen Emer Landers (Eldritch Karaoke), Michael Fleming (Housewife of The Year), Michael MacLennan(King Frankie) and Hugh Rodgers (Mrs Robinson) talk about their work in Fleadh ’24 with Emmy award winning filmmaker Nuala O’Connor writer, director, producer and co-founder of South Wind Blows.  

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