Fri 14 July | 14:00 | 91’ | Pálás Screen 3

Our third and final world shorts selection is an in-competition showcase of work from a variety of nations.  Featuring the world premieres of six engaging live-action dramas.


The usual rivalries and jealousies that exist between the two teenage brothers Simo and Emad take a dangerous turn that may seriously impact the future of their family.

Director: Aziz Zoromba
Producer: Rosalie Chicoine Perreault
Country: Canada


A field. A gang. A gun. A frightened boy. His brave sister. Their determined mother. And a towering steel obelisk overseeing it all. Pylon is about fractious family relationships, the horrors siblings subject each other to, and the indelible marks they leave.

Director: Barnaby Blackburn
Producers: Jack Thomas-O’Brien, Edward Speleers
Country: UK

Blood Like Water

Shadi accidentally drags his proud Palestinian family into a trap where they only have two choices: either collaborate with the Israeli occupation, or be shamed and humiliated by their community. Based on true stories.

Director: Dima Hamdan
Producers: Toni Copti, Jiries Copti, Farah Abushwesha
Countries: Palestine, UK, France


Joy and Harry are trying to have a baby. One night, Joy swallows a spider in her sleep. When Joy subsequently develops an insatiable appetite for flies, it dawns on her that there may be more than one way of becoming a mother.

Director: Celine Cotran
Producer: Oliver Sunley
Country: UK

Things Unheard Of (Serpêhatiyên Neqewimî)

A little Kurdish girl tries to put a smile back on her grandmother’s face after the disappearance of her television, her only window into the world.

Director: Ramazan Kilic
Producers: Ramazan Kilic, Ekin Koc
Country: Turkey


After the death of a friend, two nuns in their golden years contemplate what their future holds. One confession leads to another and before they know it, they’re embarking on an adventure.

Director: Stephanie Kaznocha
Producers: C.E. Horton, Caroline Huber
Country: USA

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