The VFX Sector in Ireland – Now & Next

Fri 12 July | 14:00-15:00 | Veranda Lounge, Galmont Hotel

Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet & the National Talent Academy for VFX invite you to join this free event, a panel discussion focused on the VFX sector in Ireland – Now & Next. 

This panel will explore the challenges and opportunities that face the VFX sector in Ireland covering the work that’s happening here in Ireland at the moment, the opportunity for the sector to grow, the different roles that are available in the sector, what VFX work actually involves and how technology is impacting VFX. 

Moderated by Fran Keaveney (Skills & Talent Development Manager at Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet) 


Donal Nolan

Donal Nolan, is an experienced VFX Supervisor and Creative Head of Studio Ireland at Milk VFX. He graduated from IADT in 2000 and travelled to the UK and then onto Canada where he worked in a variety of roles from prep artist to VFX Supervisor in tv, music promos and advertising for two and a half decades.

He partnered on a number of VFX skills development programmes in the UK, Canada & Australia, and since returning to Ireland he has developed a training course for emerging VFX artists.

Deborah Doherty

Deborah as Head of Production is part of the Windmill Lane’s executive leadership team, playing a key role in business development and client relationships.

Starting out in audio production in London in the 2000s, Deborah’s career has seen her work across advertising, animation, film and TV post-production and VFX.  During her time in Windmill, Deborah has tailored teams to oversee post-production and VFX across a myriad of project including, Kin (AMC), My Little Pony A New Generation (Netflix), Avenue 5 (HBO), Joe Pickett (Paramount), Bodkin (Netflix), Doctor Who (BBC/Disney), Kizazi Moto (Disney).

Simon Brown

Simon Brown has extensive experience as a VFX Shoot Supervisor on commercials for brands including AUDI, Carlsberg, Blackberry & Mercedes.  Simon’s feature credits as VFX artist include Avatar, Matrix Revolutions., Transformers II and Star Wars III.

His company, Wolfhound Creative, is based in County Clare and they work with a select group of freelance artists to deliver work to any corner of the globe.

Jim O’Hagan

Jim O’Hagan has 35 years experience in VFX for commercials, episodics, and feature films. He started his career in commercial post-production in NYC before going to Los Angeles and shifting into VFX for tv and film. With some side trips working in Australia and New Zealand, Jim eventually landed in London, and from there, Dublin.

As a VFX Supervisor and artist, his credits include Star Wars Ahsoka, The Irishman, Marvel’s WandaVision, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter.

Jim has received 5 IFTA nominations for VFX and has been a team member of 8 Academy Award VFX nominations.

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