Wed 12 July | 12:00 | 91’ | Town Hall Theatre

This out-of-competition selection of shorts showcases work from creatives working in the West of Ireland, including Irish-language dramas set in Connemara, the winner of the Little Cinema 48hr Challenge and student work from ATU and Technological University of the Shannon.


When a man dies in Connemara his village mourns, except for a neighbour who loves the widow. This film is a window into the culturally rich and endangered world of old Gaelic Connemara.

Director: Linda Bhreathnach
Writers: Linda Bhreathnach, Christo Breathnach
Producer: Linda Bhreathnach


A young woman connects with a charming man. As they share aspirations, romance seems possible. But deeper conversation reveals a darker undertone, hinting at something complex and unsettling.

Director: Lakshika Serasinhe
Writers: Jamie Hooper, Conor Hooper
Producers: Jamie Hooper, Conor Hooper

I Dream For You

William, a man consumed by grief, must decide if life is still worth living when the opportunity to reunite with his departed fiancée, Annabelle, violently presents itself.

Director/Writer: Kyle Moylan
Producer: Jedrzej Surowiec

Lunar Kicks

A lonely mechanic on the moon must salvage through scrapyards of abandoned machinery to find the parts needed to fix an odd customer’s spaceship.

Director/Writer/Producer: Cillin Flaherty


Tom’s search for a bowl of cereal turns into an emotional journey as he discovers milk no longer exists in the world.

Director/Writer: Sean Cahalan
Producer: Luzia Mueller

Galway’s Pirate Women

A vivid, earthy story of a group of women running a unique pirate radio station in an upstairs bedroom of a Galway terraced house; challenging censorship, proclaiming freedom of expression, opening their mouths and poking their noses into controversial issues.

Director: Finn Arden
Writers: Finn Arden, Margaretta D’Arcy
Producer: Margaretta D’Arcy


The felling of Sitka spruce is dramatic, and though seeming to represent a death knell to the landscape, this particular deforestation will be the precursor to new life. Forest/ry captures the industrialisation of forestry and presents hope for a more eco-friendly future.

Director/Writer/Producer: Noelle Gallagher

His Name Is Scott

Scott survives on the streets of Galway. He does not have a cup or a sign in front of him. Though he is without a home, he is more content than most. With time and patience, others start to notice his humanity.

Director/Writer/Producer: Dina Sragalj

Feel, Felt, Found

A lonely protagonist is stuck in an everyday trance, just letting the days pass by them. One night, they find themselves falling deep into their dream world. However, is this world truly a dream, or is it their worst nightmare?

Director/Writer/Producer: Jayme Murphy

Nothing to be Done

Adapted by Conor Montague from his award-winning short story, Nothing to be Done is part monologue, part tone poem, a lament to lost friends, and an elegiac reflection on memory, place, and the city of Galway.

Director: James Hooper
Writer: Conor Montague
Producers: Jamie Hooper, Conor Montague

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