Wed 10 July | 22:30 | 93’ | Pálás Screen 3 

Things get a little suspenseful and spooky in World Short Two as we celebrate the dark undertone of these sinister shorts.

The Door
When a mysterious door appears in her kitchen, Kara becomes obsessed with uncovering what lies behind it.
Director/Writer: Alexander Seltzer
Producers: Mark DeLottinville, Sam Rudykoff

Menaced by a mysterious stranger in the council estate of Yellowmeads, Vicky seals herself in her flat and waits for her daughter, Sasha, to get home from school.
Director/Writer: Christian Burnett
Producer: Marion Cottave

Nobody There But Me
A man drives home from work late at night. Over the course of the journey he is plagued by phone calls, voice notes and even ghostly visions.
Director/Writer: Howard Rice Jones
Producers: Howard Rice Jones, Molly Jermyn

The Sin-Eater
Wales, 1852. A desperate young mother carries out a forbidden ritual to save the soul of her unbaptised dead baby, and is tricked into taking on a terrifying supernatural burden.
Director: Kelly Holmes
Producer: David Brown
Writer: Matthew White

The Lure
Late at night, a fisherman’s peace is interrupted by a fly that seems to have a vendetta against him. What begins as irritation leads to an act of bloody vengeance.
Director/Writer: Tony Hipwell
Producer: Cal O’Connell

A refugee is haunted by a devastating incident from her past.
Director/Producer/Writer: Chi Thai

Väike teine (Little Other)
Two babies are about to be born. One of them is bound to be a regular kid. The other is destined to be a trickster. But how to determine which is which?
Director/Writer: Andres Tenusaar
Producers: Märt Kivi, Kerdi Oengo
Lead animators: Triin Sarapik-Kivi, Marili Sokk

Shé (Snake)
When another Chinese violinist arrives to challenge her place in an elite London youth orchestra, Fei’s anxieties and internalized racism grow to take monstrous physical form.
Director/Writer: Renee Zhan
Producer: Jesse Romain

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