World Shorts: Programme 2

Thu 07 July / Pálás 3 / 14:30 / 16+

An exciting selection of the best in new international short filmmaking. These films have previously been screened at TIFF, SXSW and Tribeca, and now we are delighted to host their Irish Premieres. This competition programme features a selection of documentary, live-action and animated films.
Please note, this programme touches of the topic of sexual assault.


For a tourist, the body of an exotic dancer lifts him into the fantasies of love. For Tehura, her body is a battlefield where she struggles to find herself.

Director: Wei Li
Producers: Wei Li & Mei-ing Nieuwland
Country: Canada

Pa Vend

Driven by the ambition of keeping their beloved sport alive, two local players wander from one obscure location to another carrying with them the only possessions of their club: their tables.

Director: Samir Karahoda
Producer: Eroll Bilibani
Country: Kosovo

The Shadow of My Life

Hanna is an artist struggling with depression after moving to Canada. In her quest to rediscover herself, she finds the lives and works of other artists the best motivation.

Director: Hajar Moradi
Producer: Hajar Moradi
Country: Canada

Too Rough

A hungover and hysterical Nick wakes up next to his boyfriend Charlie and must conceal him from his homophobic and dysfunctional family.

Director: Sean Lìonadh
Producers: Alfredo Covelli &
Ross McKenzie
Country: United Kingdom

The Rape Clause

In order to claim welfare support for her son, Angela is forced to reveal the harrowing story of how the child was conceived. Inspired by real events, this is a short film about how UK legislation weaponizes shame and trauma.

Director: Jared Watmuff
Producers: Sashi Arnold &
Maria Hildebrand
Country: United Kingdom

A Few Miles South

A macabre tale of two taciturn travellers on a wintry expedition that takes a desperate turn.

Director: Ben Pearce
Producer: Diarmuid Hughes
Country: United Kingdom


Jack loves to play pranks. But, in his latest relationship, he may have finally met his match. This film completes the trilogy of wickedly dark comedy shorts.

Director: Nash Edgerton
Producer: Michele Bennett
Country: Australia


When a homeless couple’s possessions are stolen, they are forced to find an income in order to survive.

Director: Gabriel Morrison
Producer: Matthew Bunin
Country: Australia

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