World Shorts: Programme 1

Wed 06 July / Pálás 3 / 14:30 / 16+

The first selection of shorts in our world series presents eight films. This programme hosts a mix of live-action, documentaries and animated Irish Premieres, featuring work from an array of countries, including India, Ukraine and the United States.

The Diaper Cake
Пелюшковий торт

Lena and Vitya, two kids in their early 20s, now have a child of their own. As the new parents try to wake their baby for feeding, they deal with the irreversible changes in their lives and with each other.

Director: Anastasia Babenko
Producers: Mariia Ponomarova & Mira Asadova-Oyetoro
Country: Ukraine

Ice Merchants

Every day, a father and his son jump with a parachute from their vertiginous cold house, attached to a cliff, to go to the village on the ground, far away where they sell the ice they produce daily.

Director: João Gonzalez
Producers: Bruno Caetano & Michaël Proença
Countries: France, Portugal & United Kingdom

Holy Cowboys

In small-town India, where cows are considered sacred, a teenaged boy and his group of friends set off on a quest to become saviours of the holy cow, only to be caught in the web of growing Hindu nationalist extremism.

Director: Varun Chopra
Producer: Anna Hashmi
Country: India

Time to Vote

What begins as an ordinary meeting of neighbours in an apartment building turns into an unexpected debate about the limits of coexistence.

Director: Santiago Requejo
Producers: Santiago Requejo López-Mateos, Jose Antonio Escudero Pérez & Jose Carlos Sanz Rodríguez
Country: Spain


A chance encounter at a swimming pool offers the promise of a beautiful relationship between Sid & Luke. Could it all be shattered when Sid decides to just be himself?

Director: Michael Gamarano Singleton
Producer: Chris Kyriacou
Country: United Kingdom


Franny is a young woman growing up with chronic allergies that isolate her from the world. In her search for friends and a soulmate, she finds a parasite that can solve all her problems – for 24 glorious hours.

Director: Lesley-anne Rose
Producers: Dana Bruce & Maria Caruana Galizia
Country: United Kingdom

The F-Word

When a young girl asks her father what the ‘f-word’ means, he falls into a feedback loop of explaining its many definitions.

Directors: Alex Cannon & Paul Cannon
Producer: Andrew Li
Country: United States


A heartbroken woman, on advice from a pizza delivery guy, decides to become a slut. In the process, she finds that wild random sex leads to something unexpected.

Director: Caroline Lindy
Producers: Emily Wolfe, Madeleine Nimoy Nimoy, Kate Hamilton & Adam Lisagor
Country: United States

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