Wed 10 July | 13:30 | 95’ | Pálás Screen 3 

Our first World Shorts selection is an in-competition showcase of work from a variety of nations and cultural backgrounds – a mix of drama, documentary and animation.

Fratelli Carbonai
As Italy lurches to the far right, a Malian migrant finds a place amongst a family of charcoal burners in the remote Calabrian mountains.
Directors: Felix Bazalgette, Joshua Hughes
Producers: Daniel Lombroso, Sorcha Bacon

(Dawn Every Day)
Set in 1956, eight-year-old Nabil navigates through new social norms he cannot fathom in post-nationalized Egypt. This story is inspired by true events.
Director/Writer: Amir Youssef
Producer: Norah El Khateeb

Marion, the only female bull-jumper in France, prepares for her performance in a packed arena.
Directors/Writers: Finn Constantine, Joe Weiland
Producers: Marija Djikic, Nicolas Tiry, Sienna Miller

Nun or Never!
The nuns are living together in happy harmony. Then one nun digs a man up from the grounds and loses her grip on everyday life.
Director/Writer: Heta Jäälinoja
Producer: Jani Lehto

A Body Called Life
A self-isolated young human delves into the hidden world of microscopic organisms, forging a tender connection with these nearly invisible creatures, and developing a massive online following.
Director/Writer: Spencer MacDonald
Producer: Pascal Duschletta

The Cost of Hugging
Erica hugs pandas for a living and is absolutely miserable. When hidden-camera TV star Jacques Burton tries to chat her up in the bar of the Hotel Samos, there’s a few other things he might be surprised to find out.
Director/Writer: Louis Bhose
Producer: Precious Mahaga, Ynez Myers

Family Portrait of the Black Earth
After undergoing cancer surgery, an old lady is desperate to find a replacement for her missing breast and entrusts her husband with the task. In the ensuing funny camaraderie, wholesomeness breeds love and hope.
Director: Ivan Popov-Zaeka
Producers: Elizabeth Kostova Foundation, Robo Lab
Writers: Ivan Popov-Zaeka, Mihail Minchev, Yordanka Beleva
Lead animators: Krum Petrov, Nikola Radulovikj, Stoyan Georgiev

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