Fri 12 July | 14:00 | 88’ | Pálás Screen 3 

This thrilling selection features the best in new international short filmmaking from around the world. These dramas, documentaries and animations were previously screened at TIFF, SXSW, and Sundance, and we are honoured to be hosting their Irish Premieres.

Au 8ème Jour (On the 8th Day)
It took seven days to create the world. It only took one to disrupt its balance.
Directors/Writers: Agathe Sénéchal, Alicia Massez, Elise Debruyne, Flavie Carin, Théo Duhautois
Producer: Carlos De Carvalho
Lead animator: Flavie Carin

As the lands of her forefathers are being reshaped by climate change, Malih offers a heretofore unseen perspective as an insider and an outsider, carrying on sacred Maasai traditions of storytelling in an era defined by uncertainty.
Director: Laissa Malih
Producers: Taylor Hensel, Adam Mazo, Kavita Pillay, Tracy Rector
Writers: Kavita Pillay, Laissa Malih

Friends on the Outside
Friends on the Outside tells the story of Jamie, an incarcerated man who finds joy and comfort by foraging for weeds and caring for birds.
Director/Writer: Annabel Moodie
Producer: Lea Luiz de Oliveira

Tennis, Oranges
A robotic vacuum, overwhelmed by its demanding job and lack of friends, decides to quit. Seeking a more meaningful existence, it ventures to a serene and quiet street in Chinatown.
Director/Producer/Writer: Sean Pecknold
Lead animator: Alfonso Estrada

At the height of summer, two rowdy young boys spend the afternoon tearing through the countryside discovering nature, electricity and themselves.
Director: Ellie Rogers
Producer: Iria Pizania
Writer: Charlie Tidmas

A refugee is haunted by a devastating incident from her past.
Director/Producer/Writer: Chi Thai

The Masterpiece
Leo and Diana bring a broken TV to a recycle point, where they meet two scrap dealers. Diana asks them to come to their house to get more objects. Leo looks at them collecting objects with mistrust, until he sees the scrap dealers have something they want.
Director: Alex Lora
Producers: Lluis Quilez, Josemari Martinez, Álex Lora Cercos, Néstor López
Writers: Lluis Quilez, Alfonso Amador

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