Closing film

Sun 14 July | 19:30 | Town Hall Theatre

2024 | UK, Palestine, France, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia | 105’

Arabic, Greek, English (English Subtitles)

Cannes Directors’ Fortnight film, To a Land Unknown follows Chatila and Reda who are saving to pay for fake passports to get out of Athens. When Reda loses their hard-earned cash to his dangerous drug addiction, Chatila hatches an extreme plan, which involves them posing as smugglers and taking hostages in an effort to get him and his best friend out of their hopeless environment before it is too late.

Irish Premiere  |  Post-show discussion will follow


Director: Mahdi Fleifel
Writers: Fyzal Boulifa, Mahdi Fleifel, Jason McColgan
Producer: Geoff Arbourne
Cast: Angeliki Papoulia, Mahmood Bakri, Mohammad Ghassan

Principal funder