The Wall

Thu 7 July / Cinemobile / 14.152016 / Ireland, North Korea / 74min
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“In The Wall we learn to take our own decisions and believe what we see and not what others tell us to see.”

The Wall is the story of a young female poet in North Korea. The director David Kinsella wanted to make a real a documentary, but the government in North Korea brought in over 1000 extras to make Kinsella produce what they wanted: propaganda.

Kinsella had to change his strategy. Under pressure from the North Korean censor, he filmed in such a way that animation could be overlaid onto the images when he returned to Norway – and used to tell the real story.

Understanding that in North Korea “all foreigners are spies and evil”, David Kinsella realised that he had also been told this as a boy growing up in Northern Ireland – and so he made a comparison between his own childhood in Belfast, and his North Korean adventure movie.

Director David Kinsella will attend.

Director David Kinsella
Cast Yuna Shin, Jin Han Pak, Corey Mckinley, Conor Smith, Thomas Purdy
Script Klaas Bense
Producer David Kinsella