The Troubles, a Dublin Story

Fri 08 July / Pálás 1 / 21:15

2022 / Ireland / 92 min / Drama, Crime

The Troubles, a Dublin Story is a hidden-history story, based on true accounts of those involved, it explores rarely discussed events during the Troubles from the perspective of two working-class brothers growing up in North Dublin in the 70s and 80s.

“Adam Redmond is a discovery in Luke Hanlon’s crime drama that knows when to pull its punches.” — WF

Far removed from the horrors of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, but shocked by the atrocities they witness on television, the brothers are naively drawn into the complex world of republicanism, gangsterism, and the personal and moral consequences that entailed.

World Premiere

Followed by Q&A with cast and crew.

Director: Luke Hanlon
Writer: Luke Hanlon
Producer: Luke Hanlon
Cast: Ray Malone, Adam Redmond, Wayne Byrne, William Delaney, Sarah Hayden & Sophia Adli

Principal funder