The Sacred Spirit

Thu 07 July / Pálás 2 / 21:30

2021 / France, Spain & Turkey / 97 min / Drama, Comedy

While an ongoing investigation for the mysterious disappearance of a little girl is shaking the local community, José Manuel continues his daily routine.
“With each immaculately framed shot there’s a sense that something unexpected is about to happen or enter the image, so even before the midway point the viewer develops an excited anticipatory reflex that’s never disappointed.” — Variety

He works in his modest tapas bar and takes care of his mother. He also attends the weekly meetings of the ufology association, Ovni-Levante, where he exchanges information about extra-terrestrial messages and alien abductions with the rest of its devoted members. When their leader dies unexpectedly, José Manuel is the only person who knows the cosmic secret that could alter the future of humanity.

Irish Premiere

Director: Chema Garcia Ibarra
Writer: Chema Gracia Ibarra
Producers: Chema Garcia Ibarra, Miguel Molina, Marina Perales Marhuenda, Xavier Rocher & Enes Erbay
Cast: Nacho Fernandez, Llum Arques, Joanna Valverde & Rocio Ibañez

Principal funder