Sun 14 July | 11:15 | Pálás Screen 2

2024 | Ireland | 65’

English, Irish, Ukrainian, Russian

A journey to a remote corner of Ireland, where an invisible border delineates a reserve that is both a refuge for life, and a beacon of environmental responsibility. A place where pagan beliefs share the magical landscape with traditional Catholic ceremonies. Where Ireland’s rare indigenous lizards walk across ancient fossils made by the first ever life to walk out of the sea. But, mostly, this is a place of refuge: from the first peoples that landed on its shore’s millennia ago, to the Ukrainian refugees escaping the war. Whether physically through experiences of blindness, or metaphysically through our relationships to death. This is a film about exploring what’s on the edge of our perception – what lies in the darkness.

Post-show discussion will follow

Director: MJ Whelan
Producers: Gary Lennon, Siobhan Fanning
Cast: Aprile Blake, Aoibheann Lambe, Patsy Lynch, Linda Lyne, Steve Lynott, Zhasmin Satari, Amie Fox, Deirdre Wadding

Principal funder