The Plants

Thu 7 July / Town Hall Studio / 22.302015 / Chile / 93min
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“…a potent, obliquely told coming-of-age movie that fuses pop culture, coma, teen sexuality and plant life into a dark, troubling whole…” — The Hollywood Reporter

Las Plantas

Florencia (17) must take care of her older brother, who is in a vegetative state, on her own for the first time. Trying to survive with limited means and no assistance, she’ll become obsessed with a comic called Las Plantas, which tells the story of the invasion of plant souls during a full moon. She will also start to explore her sexuality, meeting strangers via  the Internet.

Winner: The Grand Prix Generation 14Plus International Jury, Berlinale 2016

Director Roberto Doveris
Cast Violeta Castillo, Ingrid Isensee, Mauricio Vaca, Ernesto Meléndez
Script Roberto Doveris
Producers Roberto Doveris, Rocío Romero

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