The Life After

Thu 12 July / Town Hall Theatre / 15:45

Tickets €10  Concession €9


“An interesting approach to documenting intimate accounts of loss to
The Troubles.” — WF

3,532 people were killed and 47,541 injured as a result of The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

For the people of Northern Ireland, conflict became a part of the daily narrative. Amidst the headlines and rhetoric, ordinary people were being killed. This is not the story of politicians or terrorists, it’s the story of the mothers, sisters and daughters who kept life going as everything around them crumbled.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the conflict, their message of peace and reconciliation feels as relevant as ever.

World Premiere

The director will attend

Director Brian Hill & Niamh Kennedy
Script Nick Laird
Producers Niamh Kennedy, Alan Maher & Brian Hill

Year 2017
Country Ireland & Northern Ireland
Duration 89min