The Job of Songs

Fri 08 July / Pálás 1 / 19:00

2021 / United States / 74 min / Documentary, Music

This music documentary gets at the heart of community. In the tiny Irish town of Doolin, an ensemble cast of musicians play in the pubs every night. Travellers from all over the world come together to hear the music. The warm pubs invite good company and intimate bonds amidst a world that, even before 2020, struggles with isolation.
“Schmitz has a keen eye for story, and while Job of Songs remains reverential, it also weaves in some home truths not often foregrounded in Irish-made docs on traditional music.” — WF

Music has the power to bring people together. In an age where everything is speeding up and everything is instant, we miss the person right beside us. These musicians explore what it means to exist in the old music, the long-standing tradition, and find community through the strumming of a guitar, beating of a bodhrán, and sharing of a song.

International Premiere

Followed by Q&A with director Lila Schmitz and producer Anika Kan Grevstad.

Director: Lila Schmitz
Writers: Lila Schmitz & Anika Kan Grevstad
Producers: Fengyi Xu, Lila Schmitz & Anika Kan Grevstad

Principal funder