The Banality of Grief

Fri 08 July / Pálás 2 / 15:30

2021 / Denmark / 70 min / Documentary

“Nothing is. Everything is becoming. Even life already lived… Thus, this little stammering love letter came into being.” (Jon Bang Carlsen)
The Banality of Grief is a deeply personal documentary by Jon Bang Carlsen that is both an impressionistic love letter to a beloved wife and an existential portrait of life and death. Carlsen looks to filmmaking to make sense of his grief, but every time he looks through the viewfinder, he sees a world where his beloved wife is gone. The film blurs the boundaries between past and present but ultimately testifies that life is the greatest of them all.

“Proving that just because your partner is gone, it doesn’t mean you should suddenly stop bickering.” — Cineuropa

Jon Bang Carlsen is a rare and precious figure in Danish cinema. An adventurer with an ever-recording camera, who directs his gaze outwards even when his thoughts are turned inwards.

Irish Premiere

Director: Jon Bang Carlsen
Producer: Jon Bang Carlsen

Principal funder