The Artist & the Wall of Death

Sat 09 July / Pálás 1 / 18:30

2022 / Ireland & United Kingdom / 90 min / Documentary

The Artist & The Wall of Death tells the thrilling story of Glaswegian performance artist Stephen Skrynka and his life-long obsession with the ‘Wall of Death’. Determined to conquer the wall, he endures a humiliating experience while training with renowned wall rider Ken Fox before discovering the story of Irishmen Michael Donohoe and Connie Kiernan.

“A study of artistic obsession, passion and sacrifice. And the story of two country dreamers who inspired the Irish cinema classic, Eat the Peach.” — WF

In 1979, Connie and Michael had constructed a ramshackle Wall of Death on their farm in rural Granard, inspiring the much-loved feature film Eat the Peach. Forty years on, Stephen appears in town and presents them with an audacious proposal: construct a new Wall of Death with him and take it on tour.
Though the wall is painstakingly constructed, a massive argument between the trio brings the whole endeavour skidding to a halt. Devastated, Stephen returns to Glasgow. However, with a pandemic raging, Stephen somehow finds the heart to try one last time, and begins to build his own wall from scratch.

Don’t miss a chance to revisit Eat the Peach on the big screen on Sunday at 19:00 in Pálás 3.

World Premiere

Followed by Q&A with director Maurice O’Brien.

Director: Maurice O’Brien
Producers: John Kelleher, David Power & Grant Keir

Principal funder