Thurs 11 July | 16:30 | Town Hall Theatre

2024 | Ireland | 84’

English, French, Italian

The Alexander Complex unravels a bizarre tale of intrigue, politics and money as an international group of “gentlemanly explorers”, all with pseudonyms to protect their identities, come together in a quest to solve the mystery of the missing tomb of Alexander the Great. A man, code-named The Inventor, claims to have found Alexander’s tomb in Jordan, and claims it is filled with gold and precious jewels. Sitting with the find of the millennium, the man sets in motion a project that has the elements of a movie thriller, and a desert quest. Will the group discover the resting place of history’s greatest military commander? The intrigue lies not just in what is in the tomb, but in the team itself: all men and women of Alexandrian qualities.

Post-show discussion will follow

Director: Neasa Ní Chianáin
Producer: David Rane

Principal funder