Fri 12 July | 11:30 | Pálás Screen 1

2023 | Ireland | 62’

TerraForma is the story of how the remote desert island of Ascension was ‘terraformed’ by Victorian scientists into a tropical paradise.

The Victorian naturalists who transformed this island reshaped the ecology to fit the political and economic demands of their society. The new environment, seemingly a paradise, was in fact a mirror image of their ambition, their empire, and their understanding of the world. Many believe that future plans to geo-engineer our planet, or terraform others, would follow the same pattern.

TerraForma asks what the island’s story might teach us about the fate of our planet, in a future where terraformed landscapes and human-engineered environments may come to warp our understanding of ‘nature’ itself.

Irish Premiere  |  Post-show discussion will follow

Directors/Writers/Producers: Kevin Brennan, Laurence Durkin

Principal funder