Taste of Home

Wed 06 July / Town Hall Theatre / 14:00

2022 / Ireland / 30 min / Documentary

From an Afghan aubergine curry barbequed in an Athenry glasshouse, to a Guinean goat curry made on a wet and windy farm in West Clare, four chefs from a refugee background cook food from home with Irish producers.
Working with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and Jess Murphy, owner and Head Chef of Kai restaurant, Galway, these four short documentaries follow our cooks as they meet Irish producers and chefs all over the country to showcase their home cuisine from Afghanistan, Palestine, Guinea and Yemen. Jess Murphy is a UNHCR high-profile supporter and has been supporting the organization since 2017.
More than 100 million people have been forced to flee war, conflicts and persecution around the world. UNHCR is a global organization working to save lives, protect rights and build a better future for refugees, internally displaced communities and stateless people. 20% of the proceeds from this screening will be donated to UNHCR. Money raised at this event will help give refugees what we want for ourselves and our loved ones: shelter, access to clean water, healthcare, education and jobs. Every person has the right to seek safety, whoever they are, wherever they come from, and whenever they are forced to flee.

Filmmakers will attend.

Director: UNHCR Ireland

Principal funder