Wed 10 July | 16:00 | Pálás Screen 3

2023 | USA | 91’

English, Korean

Set in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, Smoking Tigers is a portrait of a lonely Korean-American teen, Hayoung, who is taken under the wings of three wealthy students she meets at an elite academic bootcamp. As she falls deeper into their world, Hayoung works hard to hide her insecurities about her problematic family and lower-income background, only to discover the bittersweet pains of adulthood that will forever shape her life.

Irish Premiere

Director/Writer: So Young Shelly Yo
Producer: Guo Guo
Cast: Ji-young Yoo, Joon Ho Jung, Abin Andrews, Erin Choi, Erin Yoo, Phinehas Yoon

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