Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland World/Irish Premiere Shorts

Sat 09 July / Town Hall Theatre / 12:00 / 18+

Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland is proud to present the World/Irish Premiere of an exciting and diverse selection of new Irish short films funded under the agency’s Focus Shorts and Frameworks short film schemes.
The Frameworks projects included in this line-up are co-funded by Screen Ireland and RTÉ.
*Please note, a number of films in this line-up are only suitable for a mature audience.

Safe as Houses 

On a hot summer’s day, Aggie, a woman with Down syndrome, offers shelter to a young girl, Lucy, when her homelife is not so welcoming.

Director: Mia Mullarkey
Producer: Claire Mc Cabe
Country: Ireland

Red Rabbit 

An anthropomorphic rabbit struggles to find peace and relaxation at home. These attempts are thwarted by a destructive shoulder devil, who takes glee in ruining any chance of tranquillity.

Director: Rory Kerr
Producer: Ciara Roche
Country: Ireland


Shadow (Zoe) follows her father around their dairy farm, mimicking his every move. Her father believes his wife is still with them. When the truth emerges, they can finally begin to heal.

Director: Janna Kemperman
Producer: Maggie Ryan
Country: Ireland


In a dystopian future, Mother Nature guards the last of Earth’s flora deep underwater. When the last of humanity – a hermit building a shelter – makes a discovery, greed takes over.

Director: Sarah Benson
Producer: Stephen Fagan
Country: Ireland


An ordinary day takes a sinister turn for a woman and her child when a stranger walks into their isolated rural home.

Director: Sinead O’Loughlin
Producer: Lara Hickey
Country: Ireland

Regular Rabbit 

The good name of a seemingly regular rabbit falls victim to an unstoppable tide of disinformation.

Director: Eoin Duffy
Producer: Jamie Hogan
Country: Ireland

Bad Boy Buck (18+)*

After a one-night stand with another man, a married farmer attempts to hide the affair from his family as the truth drives him to breaking point.

Director: James Fitzgerald
Producer: Simon Doyle
Country: Ireland

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