Science of Ghosts

Wed 11 July / Pálás Screen 2 / 20:00

Tickets €11 Concession €10


Director Niall McCann’s observational drama centres on well-known Irish musician Adrian Crowley. While being interviewed by a film crew for his latest album, an interruption causes Adrian to ponder – what would a film about his life be like? Could it ever really reflect who he is?
His imagination takes him – and the audience – on a journey as he becomes a ghost visiting his own life, past and future. What emerges is a humorous and original take on the power of storytelling. featuring Radie Peat of Lankum, Brigid Mae Power, the Crash Ensemble and the writer Kevin Barry.

Adrian Crowley is one of Ireland’s foremost music artists and songwriters. He is renowned for his hauntng melodies, sonourous baritone and poetic imagery. He is the winner of the Choice music award amongst many other things. He was once described by American songwriter Ryan (not Bryan!) Adams as: the greatest songwriter you may not have heard of. This is his, and our, story.

Director: Niall McCann
Script: Niall McCann and Adrian Crowley
Producer: Niall McCann, Matthew Boyd, Darren Bolger

Year: 2018
Country: Ireland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Estonia
Duration: 77 mins


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