Sun 14 July | 15:30 | Pálás Screen 1

2023 | Poland, Ireland | 55’

Patchwork Family is a documentary showcasing a passion for life, music, and creation. The band consists of 12 musicians. The film delves into the lives of each band member, exploring their history, and gradually assembles the individual pieces of the patchwork family that form the Galway Street Club band. Like a blanket, their music envelops listeners in a blend of melodies. Thanks to great and simple passion, the desire to create something unique breaks down all barriers. The band has unintentionally formed an unusually colourful family, but we must remember that, as in every family, conflicts arise. Throughout the film, we witness the challenges faced by street musicians, becoming immersed in their world.

Galway Street Club will perform at the Roisin Dubh on Saturday July 13th at 8pm

International Premiere  |  Post-show discussion will follow

Director: Sara Sulej
Producers: Dominic Quinn, Sara Sulej, Sławomir Sulej
Cast: Laura Corcoran, Spud Kennedy, Dimitri Nesterov, Paul “Pauly” McDonagh, Connel “Johny” Irvine, James Dillion, Merle Schümann, Paul “Paulter Walter” Kimball, Nahuel Rafaele, Shane Scally, Finn O’Callaghan

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