Opening Film: The Belly Of The Whale

Tue 10 July / Town Hall Theatre / 19:30

Tickets €22.50


“A chaotic thriller filled with a cross section of dead beat, comedic characters.” — WF

After breaking free from his foster home, feral teenager Joey Moody returns to Laytown – a rural Irish town just over the horizon – in a bid to reclaim his family’s caravan park and salvage his friendship with his best mate and drinking partner, Lanks.

Meanwhile, on a mission to find the money to pay for his sick wife’s medication. Ronald Tanner, a fractured soul, risks his meagre life savings on a get-rich-quick scheme that ends in abject failure and humiliation at the hands of local big shot Gits Hegarty, pushing Ronald over the edge and off the wagon.

After Joey accidentally torches Ronald’s campervan and is forced to find the cash to repay him, the strange pair find themselves bonded together in misfortune. In an effort to change their crummy existence, they concoct a slapdash plan to rob the Pleasurama, the local amusement arcade, and the domain of the iniquitous Gits. All that stands in their way of the good life is a group of toughs, their own incompetence, and fate itself.

The director and cast will attend

Director Morgan Bushe
Stars Lewis MacDougall, Pat Shortt, Lauren Kinsella, Michael Smiley, Art Parkinson & Peter Coonan
Script Morgan Bushe & Greg Flanagan
Producers Rory Dungan & Morgan Bushe

Year 2018
Country Ireland
Duration 83 mins

World Premiere / Irish First Feature

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