Wed 10 July | 11:00 | Pálás Screen 2

2023 | Germany, France, Slovenia | 87’

German (English Subtitles)

Nina grapples with her son Lars’ school accident, torn between her orchestral rehearsals and his critical need. Opting for compromise, she embarks on a five-day getaway from Munich to their summer island retreat off the coast of France. However, the picturesque summer locale now presents a wintry, desolate challenge. 

In their beachside abode, mother and son confront each other amid Nina’s haunting musical aspirations and mainland concerns. As Lars retreats, tensions escalate, fuelled by suspicions of a school incident’s involvement. Cut off by a storm, they face a perilous confrontation, testing bonds and unearthing unsettling truths in the cold Atlantic tempest.

Irish Premiere

Director/Writer: Hanna Slak
Producer: Michel Balagué
Cast: Jona Levin Nicolai, Maren Eggert

Principal funder